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Wilstar - "Oh La La" music video

I hope you guys have checked the brand new single release Oh La La!

And if you haven't go check it out now!

I wanted to write a description and breakdown of the track so the listeners can understand the meaning to a greater depth.The song is about my girl Carly, and the song was actually a appreciation for how much she has grown and succeeded this year with her success with starting a youtube channel and a home instagram account.

It kinda reminds me when i had to start my new ventures and how hard it was to get over that fear of just starting! She has outgrown myself the last 6 months and the inner boss lady has manifested into something more amazing.

Oh la la explains that our partnership and co operation has rewarded us with the life we live and how building an empire with your best friend and soul mate gives life so much purpose. It also has enabled a change in myself as now I truly am down for her and try to help her as much as can.

She also has filed all my behind the scenes videos and edited them! She is turning into the most amazing film maker. It also explains that we have both had to cut some negative people out of our lives to progress and improve. Now being fully down and loyal to each other there is nothing that can stop our vision and journey.

I feel that together we can achieve anything.

The beat is produced by BG on the beat and the waves trap sound is so catchy and has a real commercial vibe to it. The hook is probably the best hook I have laced and even to myself it never gets old!!!

This is available on all digital distribution sites now. iTunes and Google Play links below, please support your boy! Every sale makes a huge difference!

Itunes link - https://geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/album/oh-la-la-feat-bg-on-the-beat/id1296026663?i=1296027131&app=itunes

Google Play link - https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Ba4aryfih2kb37upnvhankqm7ni&tid=song-Txhymzvng5azwd532hxzu47cqxe

Love people any questions about the song send me a message!!!!

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