The man behind the music of Wilstar is Will Bower, born and raised in Norwich, UK.


Will has been passionate about music since he was very young. He found that it was the perfect outlet for creative expression and the release of energy.


Now 30 years old, Will finds it very humbling to look back on where he came from.

From the age of 18 he has been working on building his set-ups to record his own songs. He says: “back in my mums yard I had two input music interfaces and the cheapest Behringer microphone you could buy”.

Since that time, he now owns his own recording studio called STAR Studio Records.


All the music he puts out is mixed and mastered by himself and he takes a lot of pleasure in sound engineering.

Over the years he has helped many local artists develop their sound through Star Studio’s as well.


If you ask him what genre his music is defined as he responds: “ I don't really work to fit a specific genre. I just listen and feel the music. It instantly connects with me if I’m feeling a beat and something just seems to click. I zone out and just create!”


Will’s dream is to give the listeners the best music that he can create. He loves to influence people in a positive way trough his lyrics. Showing people that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and work hard for your dreams.

“My journey has been amazing so far and I want to prove that positive thinking, being present in the right mindset and working hard for your dreams can pay off!”

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